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BINDING MATERIAL (screws, nuts, plain washers….)

Binding Material – representatives for Company Gottschalck & Dicker Nachf. GmbH
The core business of Gottschalck & Dicker comprises supplies of joints and fastenings for the steel construction and plant engineering industries, including pipework, as well as the mechanical engineering, chemical engineering and food processing sectors. Since 2004 KRONSTAHL Company is the sole representative of Gottschalck & Dicker for the Czech and Slovak Republic. For obtaining the product catalogue please contact us under we’ll be pleased as well to provide further information by personal visit. Here we are offering a brief products overview:

1. Screw bolting for steel constructions

2. Hot-dip galvanized high-strength friction grip bolts and fittings to DIN 6914-18 10.9

DIN 6914
DIN 6915
DIN 6916
DIN 6917
DIN 6918
DIN 7999

3. Joints and fastenings for steel constructions (Hot-dip galvanized)
DIN 931
DIN 933
DIN 934
DIN 125
DIN 7990
DIN 434
DIN 435
DIN 7989
DIN 7968
DIN 7969
DIN 7967
DIN 555

4. Facade screws (high-grade steel possible as well)
DIN 7971
DIN 7972
DIN 7973
DIN 7976
DIN 7981
DIN 7982
DIN 7983

5. Others - As well as our standard range we also supply customized joints and fastenings in all materials and thread types according to client specifications and samples, with quality test certificates if requested
DIN 7992

Warehouse Gottschalck & Dicker Nachf. GmbH in Germany:

* all materials are on stock
* delivery to the place of destination within 2-5 days
* transport free of charge

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